Social Media Which social media channels are right for your business?

Choosing the right social media platforms for your business can be quite confusing. Learn tips to select the most relevant social media channels as well as understand the benefits and the importance theses channels in your business.

Social media is growing every day, not only more people use them but also more channels come into play. Therefore, choosing the right platforms for your business can be quite confusing and to narrow them down, you must analyze your target audience, your business goals and your social media skills. 

First, having clear buyer personas will allow you to determine which social media channels that are most popular within your target audience. For example, Twitter is more popular among the older generation while Snapchat is popular with the younger generation. In addition, identifying your business goals will allow you to align them to a social media strategy. Some goals are boosting brand recognition, developing positive relationships with current and future customers and others use it as a tool to offer customer support. Lastly, assessing your skills helps narrowing down which channels to use. Implementing platforms that you are already familiar with is easier and smoother. 

There are millions of users consuming and generating content on social media. The most common platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok. There are many other platforms which keep growing in quantity and also in popularity. 

One of the best ways that business owners can take advantage of social media is by advertising. It is budget friendly so you can get higher return on investment while investing little. Although traditional marketing tools have a wide reach,social media sets itself apart because of its ability to quickly reach a global audience at a significantly cheaper cost. When it comes to using social media campaigns, such as running Facebook Ads, boosting Instagram posts or uploading videos for promotions in YouTube can reach unlimited active users based on your target audience by investing small and, the more comfortable you get and the more results you see, your budget will increase.

Another way that a small business can benefit from social media presence is by increasing brand awareness. In order to effectively use social media to increase your brand recognition, you need to have a social media strategy in place. Identify the relevant and popular social networking platforms, start interacting with your target audience and post relevant and reliable content about your business. The goal is to show your business and get your target audience and customers to like and share your social media posts. If you can achieve this with your marketing campaign, you’ll be increasing brand recognition which means more potential customers.

Social media content helps your customers relate to your business, your values, your brand and your purpose. Social media makes it easier for your audience to resonate with your brand. In order for people to relate to our brand, they need to get a closer look at who you are, what your brand values are and whether your product does exactly what it says it does. The more you can create a closer relationship with your audiences, the more likely they’ll be persuaded to do business with you. 

The most popular social media content is the one that reflects customer experience. People will always have something to say about your business. One of the great perks of social media is that you can actually pick up on some of these social media conversations about your business and join the conversation. On one hand, if you find that people are saying untruthful things about your business, you can politely share your side. On the other hand, if people are praising your brand, you can find ways to thank them either personally or publicly. When people see how other people feel about your product on social media, they’ll more likely be persuaded to purchase it.

Lastly, creating a social media presence helps to personify your business. Customers like to be taken care of and personalized and timely responses do just that. Answering any questions regarding your product and services through their social media account is fast and personal. Interacting with your audience by for example acknowledging their comments lets them know that you’re paying attention to their concerns and needs. Every time you interact with your audience is a chance to publicly show your customers that you care. 

There’s no denying the important role that social media plays for businesses. Having a better understanding of how best to use it will help propel your business forward. If you are ready, at iClout Media you can find the help you need with our social media management.

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