Google Ads (PPC)

Generating leads by targeting potential customers that didn't know your business.

Quickest Way to Generate Leads

Finding new customers could be energy draining when you are trying to find them. But how nice it is, when they are trying to find you!With paid marketing you can target potencial customers that are looking for the products and services your business provides. By running paid campaigns across, you will get the new leads your are looking for.

Our Process

Don’t worry about how pay-per-click works, we will make it easy for you!

Set Up

The first step is to set up your business to be able to do paid advertisement. We will setup Google My Business account,Google Console and Google Analytics. This will allow us to create, run and track all the campaigns.

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To start the campaigns, we will research relevant keywords to your business and your market as well as determine your target audience, demographics and budget. With all the information collected we will create and launch paid campaigns that will make your business relevant to potential customers.

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One of the most important parts to a successful strategy is to monitor it. We will track the performance of the ads and adjust accordingly to ensure we optimize and maximize the results for your business.

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We will provide you with bi-weekly reporting so you can see the analytics of the campaigns we are running.

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